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Arabic type design: now what?

maajoun was commissioned a short opinion piece on the possibilities of Arabic type design, to be featured in The Outpost‘s pilot issue, published in September. Below is the unedited version of this piece.

Type design is the practice of creating typefaces. This practice is rather complex; it requires a deep knowledge in the history of type, a solid understanding of type anatomy, a capacity to draw beautiful letter shapes and a strong technical know-how that allows the designer to turn their letters into a functional font that could be used on multiple platforms depending on the intended usage of their font. Continue reading…


Kasheeda: Yara Khoury shares her 3-D type design experience


Type designer Yara Khoury shares her experience on designing the first 3-D typeface ‘Kasheeda’ through an inspiring interview hosted by the maajouns. In addition to her independent practice, Yara is design director in Mohtaraf Beirut Graphics and faculty member in Notre Dame University (NDU) in Lebanon.

01. Can you start by telling us how you got interested in type design in general?

It all started during my undergraduate studies in NDU. The design program in NDU is quite focused on typography, which is probably an influence taken on from Professor Peter Rea who had re-structured the whole program at the university a few years back on the model of the Bauhaus school. My MA study in Middlesex was also type-focused. But mostly I would say I got deeply involved in type through the practical work I do at Mohtaraf Beirut Graphics–a very calligraphy and type-oriented graphic design studio. The studio’s work has a long history or tradition in calligraphic practices that started off with calendars and then gradually progressed into type design. Continue reading…

Arek wins Granshan 2010

Arek comes first in Granshan’s Armenian text typefaces category, and takes home the competition’s Grand Prize! The third International Eastern Type Design Competition for Armenian, Cyrillic and Greek typefaces, took place on Sep. 9 to 12, during the ATypI conference in Dublin.

Developed during my studies at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (KABK), Arek is an Armenian typeface initially designed to be used for schoolbooks. A modern interpretation of the ancient Armenian script used in old manuscripts, it currently comprises an upright and cursive style in two weights; regular and black. Arek is a typeface rich in various OpenType features such as ligatures and contextual alternates, developed to remain true to the original structure of Armenian letter shapes. Continue reading…

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