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Arabic type design: now what?

maajoun was commissioned a short opinion piece on the possibilities of Arabic type design, to be featured in The Outpost‘s pilot issue, published in September. Below is the unedited version of this piece.

Type design is the practice of creating typefaces. This practice is rather complex; it requires a deep knowledge in the history of type, a solid understanding of type anatomy, a capacity to draw beautiful letter shapes and a strong technical know-how that allows the designer to turn their letters into a functional font that could be used on multiple platforms depending on the intended usage of their font. Continue reading…


maajoun for Masha3

On September 28, Beirut’s Saint Georges Bay hosted the launch celebration of Masha3 which is a people’s initiative to reclaim and create public spaces in Beirut. The launch party grouped supporters from across the arts; performers, musicians, DJs, illustrators and designers. maajoun was delighted to take part of this launch; we participated with a simple idea that was adapted to a poster and postcards, a 42″ animation and an interactive wall.

Strategically, the initiative chose to start campaigning around the backfilled Beiruti waterfront, notably the area in between the western port currently known as the Marina and the eastern port which is still under construction. Solidere Real Estate Development company aims to transform this area into a money-making business hub, while Masha3 argues that, by law, any backfilled area is and should remain public property. Continue reading…

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