When maajoun meets egg

After many months of work, thisisegg.com was finally launched. The result clearly shows how well crafted copy could enhance visuals – and vice versa.

We met the guys at egg around a year ago when we had just started. Originally a two-people start-up like us, egg had a lot of advice for us on the logistics and dynamics of small creative businesses. Some time later, Egg came to us for their website. They had a very clear idea about the visual style they were seeking, many ideas for content presentation and so little content  (they had opted for not showing any client work within their site). With this in mind, the website which is relatively low on information, was to be primarily designed as a vehicle which would relay egg’s identity and culture more than anything else.

This led us to explore an alternative kind of navigation; the site was conceived to operate like a massive sheet of paper that the viewer travels through. Organically in the form of a promenade, or systematically through the menu buttons which would lead you to specific x-y coordinates depending on the information you are looking for.

The egg promenade was made possible by our amazing web wizard Salim Hbeiliny.

The work also included logo lifting and development of stationery.