Together for the reopening of ‘Horsh Beirut’
Horsh Beirut, also known as ‘Horsh al-Sanawbar’ or ‘Bois de Pins’ is one of the few green spaces left in the city of Beirut after concrete has taken over. This green space –which area is in constant shrinking– has been closed to the public since 1992.

Nahnoo have been working hard on a campaign that advocates the reopening of ‘Horsh Beirut’. Primarily targeted at the municipality and other governmental entities, the campaign approaches the topic from a legal perspective and highlights the many social and health related advantages of reopening the space. The campaign also offers a clear logistical plan for this reopening; i.e. opening times, security and maintenance measures.

As part of this campaign that touches each and every single Beiruti, maajoun developed an A4 brochure which opens into an A2 poster that could be hung in your living room. On a double note, one that attempts to imagine the space repopulated, and one that looks back to the time when it was actually populated with great nostalgia, the brochure uses Letraset figures; a typical retro medium used to populate architectural perspectives back in the 60s and 70s.